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Our security personnel will be responsible to the security of the installations/premises. 

  I. Checks buildings in assigned area for security and checks doors, windows, lights and equipment. Records any damage for repairs and for criminal incidents.

 II. Monitors fire extinguishers, other safety devices and signs for proper functioning. Reports irregularities or problems.

III. Reports lights left on in buildings, turns outside lights on and off as directed reports burned out building and street lights, and reports doors and locks that are not working properly.

IV. Keep unauthorized person out of buildings after closing hours, controls access to areas based on assignments, maintains regular contact with other guards & calls public safety officers in case of need.

V. Locks and unlocks doors based on scheduled and requests.

VI. Responds to questions and calls from people on the community to assist with directions, locations, and other s service- oriented needs.

VII. Assists Public Safety personnel as an assistant when called you.

VIII. To keep liaison with police/local authorities with a view to get timely help in the case of contingency.

  IX. To advice the management on such system as may be deemed necessary to carry out security activities effectively.

 X. Checking of all incoming and outgoing material and keeping proper records there  of the check pilferage/mal practices.

 XI.To exercise access control and ensure that no unauthorized person enters the premises and also maintain record of all visitors.

XII. Maintaining proper order & discipline in the unit area.

XIII. Duty allocation to watch and ward staff.

XIV. To carry out other ask allocated by management in the interest of security of the premises/installation

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